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I am a married mom, philosophy professor, writer, and prison volunteer, with interests in Ignatian spirituality and Plato. For relaxation, I enjoy nature walks and hikes, movies, Red Sox baseball, gardening, playing cards (especially bridge), reading, running, and travel.

Blindness, insight, and healing

All of today’s readings take up the theme of blindness and sight. In the first reading, nobody even thinks to look for David as the sons of Jesse are lined up to be chosen as king.  Eventually David is brought … Continue reading

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The well is deep

Today’s gospel reading tells the story of the woman from Samaria. In it we hear a metaphor in which Jesus is said to be living water. Water is a wonderful image for interior spiritual movements for many reasons. For example, … Continue reading

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Transfiguration and the ordinary

In today’s readings, we see Jesus transfigured. From a historical point of view, Matthew places Jesus in continuity with Elijah and Moses. Biblical scholars tell us that Matthew has a primarily Jewish audience, so his account of Jesus frequently compares him to Moses, … Continue reading

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Friday readings on repentance and forgiveness

Today’s Gospel reading focuses on leaving one’s gift at the altar and reconciling. Jesus tells us that, as important as worship and relationship with God are, repairing and mending human relationships is what God asks us to do. (Of course, … Continue reading

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Trust and Temptation

The readings for the First Sunday in Lent include an account of Jesus’ temptations and time in the desert. Each time Satan tempts Jesus, he uses Scripture. Jesus responds with his own scriptural passages. Among other things, it reminds us … Continue reading

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Pope Francis’s message for Lent

  Pope Francis’s message for Lent can be found here :

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Sin and spirit in Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday, when many Christians mark the season of Lent by attending Mass and receiving Ashes on our foreheads. The ashes remind us of our mortality and of our sin, of our human limit. As human beings, we … Continue reading

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